Ezan Vakti Pro App Reviews

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Well done

Very good application machaa Allah !

Mâcha Allah

Application impeccable Allah ijazikom khayra al jazaa Inchaallah

Good app

This is a good app. The only problems I saw were that: 1.when you download two hafizs, the recitations are mixed 2. The translation is not well done in French (sometime there are no senses, sometime the texts are in Turkish ) Appart from that this is the best I have seen

Très très instructif


Very good

Full options for free Correct À bit crowded interface Congratulation Go ahead


Nice program youve done !!


Is realy nice

Very low quality software development

I am not able to use this because I am in Canada and my country is not listed in there current list


Very nice , good job , need to add USA n canada r not in list .


Its the best athan program


This app has really helped me so much and I live in Canada. I just typed in Mississauga and it worked. Thank you!

Best app

They should check on the "asr prayer did the duhr prayer you?"


Subhanallah very nice u can see macca madina live

Wish they would allow a 12 hour clock

It is a great app but wont work on a 12 hour clock system. Its hard for people who are not use to the 24 hour system. Maybe in a update sometime in the future would be nice.

Great app! Works in Canada!

This app is perfect. It has mostly everything you need including prayer times and the ability to count your duas.

Almost perfect app

Great app But it would be better if it had English translation.

Very helpful

MashaAllah.very helpful app.


I love this app, I know when it is salah time and I can read beautiful verses from the Quran

Great application

It wonderful to know prayer time

Good but need daylight saving time to be fixed

Nice app with lots of options, I use it everyday. One issue I found that, daylight saving time is ended here in Toronto, Canada and the praying times in app is still didnt changed.

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