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Ezan Vakti Pro app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 7504 ratings )
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Developer: Maviay Yazılım Ltd. Şti.
Current version: 8.2.4, last update: 6 months ago
First release : 21 May 2011
App size: 120.5 Mb

The most popular and The most admired Adhan time application which is used by muslims from all over the world. The most accurate islamic application.


• You can calculate the accurate prayer time based on the calculation at the location, or you can see the prayer times by choosing your city.
• You can get visual and audio notifications before each Prayer Time and Prayer Time with a large selection of sounds.
• You can easily change the city by entering a different city or using GPS mode directly.
• With the Community of Prayer, you can pray with other users or you can ask other users to pray for your prayers.
• You can personalize apps by using many Islamic wallpapers in the Multimedia section. You can also share beautiful greeting cards at special moments.
• With Khatam Online, you can join one of the many Muslims to participate by choosing Ayat, Surah, Halaman, and Juz. You can easily read the tasks you have selected in the app.
• Hijriah calendar converter and see Hijri calendar through the main screen
• You can follow the big day, you can see how much time is left.
• You can search Qibla direction with compass or map, you can see the direction of Qibla in the most accurate way.
• With the features of the Nearest Mosque you can find the mosque nearest to your location and get directions.
• With the reminder feature you can set reminders and get notifications for Monday morning wake - Thursdays fasting reminder, Friday prayer reminders, Sholat Tahajud at all times.
• Feature library with Holy Quran, Yasin, Popular Surah & Ayat, Khatam, and many other books.
• You can register daily deeds in your Charity Book, so you can check them out.
• With many different widgets, you can see Prayer Times anytime.
• You can see Asma-ul Husna with 99 names of Allah SWT and its explanation.
• You can see the time of prayer on the calendar with the calendar feature and you can make your plan according to the time of prayer.
• With Quran Radio feature, you can listen to the 24 hour non-stop Quran.
• You can join the Zikir Online with the Zikir World, you can add more Zikr for yourself in the Zikirmatik feature.

The Holy Quran

• With some font support, you can change the font size and text as desired.
• You can read more conveniently with horizontal screen support.
• You can choose a lot of Hafidz, listen to the sound and change the speed of reading.
• You can read translations in many languages.
• By coloring Tajwid you can read the Quran more accurately.
• The quick access screen lets you easily navigate to the sections you want.
• You can easily follow the read paragraph with auto-focus when reading the sound.

• Weather forecast.
• Zakat calculator.
• Automatic Qadha Follow-up.
• Online Qibla Instructions
Qadha Follow-up.
• Imsakiyah.
• Prayers are timely.
• Women only.


Pros and cons of Ezan Vakti Pro app for iPhone and iPad

Ezan Vakti Pro app good for

Application impeccable Allah ijazikom khayra al jazaa Inchaallah
This is a good app. The only problems I saw were that: 1.when you download two hafizs, the recitations are mixed 2. The translation is not well done in French (sometime there are no senses, sometime the texts are in Turkish ) Appart from that this is the best I have seen
Full options for free Correct À bit crowded interface Congratulation Go ahead
Very nice , good job , need to add USA n canada r not in list .
This app has really helped me so much and I live in Canada. I just typed in Mississauga and it worked. Thank you!
They should check on the "asr prayer did the duhr prayer you?"

Some bad moments

I am not able to use this because I am in Canada and my country is not listed in there current list
This app has everything that Muslim would need in daily life...
Great app; but there must be a feature of manually adjusting the times of prayers individually
U can see the Kaaba alive! It is amazing. Just seeing people performing Hajj feels ur heart with eeman and wonder. Best of the best. Please add more things in English. Jazzakahallah!
I do not see U.S or America maybe I didnt look well enough but this app does not seem to consider American Muslims who need the call to prayer. If I am mistaken maybe you could attempt to use a common name for the country . Shukran
MashaAllah the look and versatility of this app is amazing but the Adhan alarms shut off automatically. I have to reset the alarms every day or they will not alert me of Salaat. Without this issue the app is perfect MashaAllah.

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